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Acapulco in GreenpointThe ambience consists of florescent lights, blaring Univision and plastic tablecloths. It's out of the way. Way out of the way, even if you live in the neighborhood. So why am I recommending this Mexican diner when I know most people won't bother. In a word: chorizo. Delicious, spicy, flavorful chorizo that haunts my dreams. In two words: cheap chorizo. Seriously cheap. Jim and I would eat here all the time when we had no kitchen and a full meal complete with chips, guacamole, and sodas cost us 15 dollars total – that's including he tip!

They have alluring sounding “crunch french toast” during breakfast hours and it's worth a try. The staff is friendly enough, the sodas come with the good crushed ice and they serve the beers in chilled mugs. There is so much to love about Acapulco. So even if you don't make the trip to north Greenpoint, I won't worry, there is enough love for the place to keep it crowded during peak hours. You'll just have to wonder what you are missing out on.

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Posted on February 19, 2007

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