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aburiya kinnosukeDuring my parent's recent visit, we enjoyed not one but two delicious omakakse menus. The first was at the mysterious Williamsburg date spot, Zenkichi, which I have already recommended. It is worth noting, however, that they have managed to improve on their own greatness.

The second was at the midtown best kept secret Aburiya Kinnosuke. A spot where you're likely to be the only English speaking patron. I had partaken in a few mini Coronas earlier at my brother's engagement party, so my memory is a bit fuzzy on the items we were served. I know that they were exceedingly delicious and with a little help from flickr, where a full photo odyssey of the omakase is documented.

The meal begins with sashimi three ways. Not sashimi from the grocery store or bodega, but fresh, fresh sashimi that will make you smile. Next is cold tofu with various salts. An excellent and interesting dish that was followed by tsukune, a traditional almost meatloaf type dish that I have recently become familiar with. It's ground meat with sweet teriyaki glazing served on a paddle with an over easy egg for dipping. I really hope to find a good recipe for this as it is perfect comfort food.

Miso Cod was served next, a dish also?prepared at Zenkichi. Both restaurant's preparation was nice and sticky and sweet, but the sauce wasn't too over powering as to mask the fresh and mild fish. I believe at one point we had marinated mushrooms and a small dish of shredded pickled things. See, we also had a bottle, or was it two? Of some terrific sake. I can't recall the name, but here's a photo of the bottle.

At future visits,?I want to be more adventurous and order some of the entrees like deep fried eel bone, sea bass collar, pork cheek, and grilled mugwort.

Still, even without a photographic memory of the experience, this was a really special culinary treat and one even trekking to midtown and waiting for a table is worth. They will take reservations during off peak hours, which I recommend or else, it could be as long as two hours for a table.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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