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Ab FabAs the new Fall television season continues its ongoing parade of mediocrity, lousiness, and down right awfulness, it makes one appreciate an old gem like Ab Fab. It's one of those rare and flawless shows where every time an episode comes on my TV, it's a classic and we've got to watch the rest of it. Whether it's the one where they have to do their grocery shopping themselves (a personal favorite) or the one where they get stoned and sell Saffi in Marrakech, or the one where they have a ping pong filled French countryside getaway… honestly, need I go on? They are all brilliant!

It's so excellent to have a funny show written by women about women and fashion and friendship and champagne and orgies. I seriously dare anyone to say women aren't funny after a single episode. Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders (who wrote and created the series), couldn't be better as their irresponsible, trendy, catty, fantastic characters. Like the best character driven comedy, they become like companions whose small adventures become funnier the more we get to know them. The last episode aired in 2004 after five years, so if you have yet to see the show, I envy all the hours ahead of viewing pleasure, nay delight.

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Posted on October 15, 2007

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