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abandoned luncheonette hall and oatesHall and Oates have been adopted by the hip young things as a symbol of kitsch, sentiment, and general irony for many reasons: the funny moustache being only one of them. And who can blame us for getting lost in the past, where two guys that looked like this could top the pop charts over and over again. Where fame could come to the genuinely talented makers of easy, amazing pop music rather than the bizarre headline grabbing, certifiably insane teenage jezebels who can only get their songs played over the credits of Herbie Fully Loaded.

While some might dismiss Hall and Oates as a joke, something to carry around on your tote, I would like everyone to remember the music. Ah, the music. There are so many great songs by the duo, scattered over so many albums, it was a bit difficult to choose just one to recommend.

Private Eyes, the one that shot them to super stardom has the singles “Private Eyes” and “I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)“, but the rest of that album failed to totally impress me and too often sounds like filler.

Abandoned Luncheonette, however, is just the opposite. Only boasting the one radio hit “She's Gone” (a low chart topper percentage for a Hall and Oates album), the less played songs are just as listenable, which makes this an exciting find for a young Hall and Oates fan. If you grew up with only the best of, this album is like finding all new material to get excited about. “I'm Just a Kid (Don't Make Me Feel Like a Man)”, “Had I Known You Better Then”, and “Lady Rain” are particularly great.

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Posted on August 20, 2007

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