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a Walk Through...A most engaging afternoon watch on PBS, the extremely likeable Jewish-Uncle-I-never-had Barry Lewis, and whatever-he-is David Hartman walk through various spots in New York while informing about the history and the future of these unique places.

There are seven episodes so far: Brooklyn, Central Park, Harlem, Hoboken, Newark, Queens, and the Bronx. Lewis is the heart of the show, while David Hartman tends to be goofy and awkward, my favorite example is in the Bronx episode: he's talking to a pregnant woman who works at a place called “the point” and he says to her, “So I see you are expecting. Tell me, what is the point?”.

This is a great show for learning about new places to see and nifty facts about places you've been. One of the best PBS offerings since I, Claudius in the 70s and Mystery!.

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Posted on July 3, 2006

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