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a guide to pink elephantsFor my birthday, my friends gave me the vintage classic bar guide The Guide to Pink Elephants, originally published in 1952 ]. It's funky name comes from on an old phrase, “seeing pink elephants“, perhaps derived from Jack London of all people, that means a high state of high drunkenness. This is why Dumbo sees those freaky pink elephants when he's sloshed and why, I have read, in World of Warcraft you see pink elekks on a quest where you must get really, really drunk on mead and wine at Stormwind, Darnassus, and Exodar.

The book contains two hundred recipes, the ones that my friends and I have most enjoyed reading are the Horse's Neck, a complex recipe for merely ginger ale and lemon, and the inappropriately named Virgin, which is not virgin at all, but contains creme de menthe, vodka, and a liqueur that hasn't been made in years called Forbidden Fruit. I'll have to try that one soon. In fact, I am certain you'll be hearing about many concoctions from these “alchohol proof” pages in the future on Brix Picks.

The book also has a few party hor dourves recipes and every single one has loads of cream cheese.

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Posted on April 7, 2008

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