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20120323-214528.jpg by Laura Santtini

Even though I don’t have to disposable income I once did, it’s still hard to walk out of The Meat Hook without one impulse buy.

This time it was 5 Umami Paste, a potent tomato based paste that was perfect atop a bowl of spaghetti for a quick delicious lunch.

I know “umami” has risen quickly to be the latest arguably obnoxious foodie term but it’s actually a century old Japanese discovery and considered the 5th sense.

You could also call it savory if you wanted, but I was much more drawn to “Umami paste” than I would be to a “savory paste”.

The taste is up my alley – all anchovies, sundried tomatoes, garlic and porcini. The uses are undoubtedly endless and I look forward to discovering them all.

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Posted on March 25, 2012

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