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48 hours mysteryInjustice is a depressing thing, and a 48 Hours Mystery I saw the other night depicted a gross injustice (in my opinion). The show told the tragic tale of a family brutally murdered and the several trials that put the father behind bars. I have no way of knowing what really happened that night but I do know that legally they did not prove he did it.

It scares me sometimes to imagine my fate ever being in the hands of twelve random individuals. Surely, it is the system that works the most so far in human history, but it is not without its flaws – flaws that truly ruin and destroy lives.

This is why you should always do your jury duty if you are a reasonable person, because reasonable people are needed. Wow, that is about as close to a rant that I've gone on in Brix Picks. What can I say, I was very upset by the program. And by the way, 48 Hours Mystery

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Posted on December 18, 2006

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