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26 seatsThere are in fact only 26 Seats in this slim East Village French restaurant. The good news is that you can reserve one, a convenience annoyingly rarely practiced by other tiny culinary gems.

On the menu, all the bistro standards are present. Heavenly escargot in a puff pastry for starters and a flavorful bass to follow made for an excellent meal and one with a really surprisingly low cost. Almost nothing on the menu is over $17.

Sure, the space is a bit tight, but the friendly staff, dim lights, and comforting food set you at ease even with a fighting couple two inches to your right. The wine and beer list is not extensive, a Stella will do, but if you have room their desserts all sound fantastic.

We dove into a tall glass of chocolate mousse that was rich and gooey with a perfect semi sweet whipped cream. Ideal for a nice night out when you can plan a few days ahead and make a reservation.

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Posted on May 14, 2007

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