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webkinz playerIf you ask a kid today what's cool, there are two things they can all agree on: Hannah Montana and Webkinz. It's for kids, with games like Quizzy's Question Corner and pets you have to keep happy, healthy, and in the money; it's similar to an online version of The Sims with an added (ingenious) marketing scam that requires kids to purchase a stuffed animal at the local toy shop.

Moms can tell you that one Webkin is never enough, and most kids have a so many they can almost rival the Beanie Baby collections of weird office ladies.

I don't have an account myself (you need a code from a newly purchased Webkinz stuffed animal–something I don't have) but I have played this online game with my little cousins and my boss's son. If my time weren't so devoted to World of Warcraft and Civilization (as far as video games go), I could see the appeal of this bubbly, cutesy time waster. And I love that it's breeding a new generation of gamers.

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Posted on March 31, 2008

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