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uniqlo heattech packsI've pretty much convinced all the women in my office to give Uniqlo's Heat tech layering pieces a try, so I hope I am not wrong when I say they're fantastic. Layering is absolutely key to my winters. I am not about to wear pants or jeans everyday so something has to keep me in my dresses. Warm coats and tights are only half the battle, I must have layering tops! I've tried American Apparel, they're nice and thin, but so thin that the bottoms actually curl up leaving an unattractive bump around my middle. I've tried Gap and Banana and they keep their shape, but they're twice as bulky.

Enter Uniqlo's laboriously campaigned Heat tech that featured a human vending machine gimmick when it was first released (oh those kooky Japanese). I was certainly swayed by the phrase “Japanese Technology” but weary of the hype, I tried two before going nuts.?I wore those for a full week, stayed warm and happy, and THEN went nuts on a second visit, buying six more of the flattering scoop neck so I have one for each day of the week (plus one).

I am not completely sure of how the “technology” works, and little information can be gleaned from the distinctly Japanese site that leads you to images of a girl dancing then a page in Japanese or a bizarre animation of the world with pop up videos that you can vote on?for something. I don't know it all seems like someone's idea of fun, but I can't understand it. Still, the shirts are amazing, I love them enough to forgive Uniqlo for not choosing one of my designs for their contest.

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Posted on December 1, 2008

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