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tomoe sushiSure, Tomoe Sushi a bit pricier than most mediocre sushi spots and in this economy?well let's just say maybe there's a reason Jim and I have been able to get a lunch time table at the notoriously packed neighborhood favorite. A sushi lunch this fresh, this tasty and this unique is totally worth the 17.75, which to be fair is far less than most places will charge for sushi that makes you feel like you're treating yourself well.

We witnessed Philip Seymour Hoffman treating himself well the first time we ate here but grew much more interested in what was on our plate once we were quickly served. The California rolls are mammoth, the tuna is bright and delicious and the lunch plate offerings varies day to day based on what they can get freshest from the market It's made all the difference in making the tiny spot, with it's not unfriendly but certainly hurried service, the go to mecca for years for some of the city's best raw fish.

While I have ordered the lunch sushi both times. I enjoyed raw shrimp – a delicacy I haven't had before and can imagine a lesser chef could make too slimy instead of refreshing and a spectacular bit of my favorite fish to eat raw, mackerel. Jim goes for the maki combo and lavishes praise on it every time the subject comes up, a fairly rare thing for him to do concerning restaurants.

Of course, like anything popular, there are detractors, and the place to find them is on Chowhound among other foodies commenter spots, but I just have to disagree. Try it yourself and tell me I'm right.

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Posted on February 2, 2009

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