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Here's what I said then:

There was this song, randomly downloaded from Lime wire by me due to a mislabeling, and it became an obsession. In it, energetic kids scream/sing about having a boyfriend in Spanish. It is fun and fast and amazing, and in the six years it's been in my ipod (labeled simply at Belle and Sebastian) it has never failed to life my spirits.

I have never been able to put a name to it, however, until this very week. I have found out through the miracle of the internets, that it is called Toma Que Toma and the version I love is from an album called All the Children in School.

A band called Los Ninos also covers it (as do tons of other Latino bands) and they have a video that is flat out awesome. Big headed clay kids melting into the sand and blinking their eyes the way only a claymation kid can, it's a bit of surreal summer sunshine madness that I think we can all appreciate amidst our own surreal summer thunderstorm madness.

Runner Ups:
Strawberry Letter 23
Goonies R Good Enough
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Get Me Bodied
Bongo Bong

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Posted on November 3, 2008

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