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the ruins scott smithLike hot dogs and and cotton candy (neither of which you will want to eat as your stomach churns in some of the more grisly parts) there is no nutritional value to the over five hundred pages of Scott Smith's hit book, The Ruins, but it is the definition of a page turner. Jim was even concerned he had insomnia, he was staying up so late reading, but it went away again once he finished this book. I managed to read it in two days.

It has been made into a reportedly bad movie, and with the straight up horror elements and the gross out parts, it's easy to see why it was picked up by a studio right away. The story, without giving too much away, concerns a group of normal, kind of uninteresting partiers who end up going way, way off trail on a Mexican vacation and encounter “an untold horror”.

If you're a fan of horror books, classic tense and gory like Stephen King in a Saw world, and don't mind the literary equivalent of some cotton candy and hot dogs, enjoy.

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Posted on April 28, 2008

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