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the jeffersonsThey say you are who you really are when no one is looking, which means I am a woman constantly pulling up her tights who struggles through crossword puzzles and watches The Jeffersons until bed time. In short, I may really be a grandmother living in the year 1976.

I have really been enjoying the All in the Family spin off (a show I don't find as much joy in watching). Mother Jefferson, Weezy, Lionel, and George are stupendous! And Florence, who has been largely and sadly absent from a lot of the reruns channel 11 has been airing is my very favorite. It's an odd show too, one that deals with hot button issues in a way that TV could never or would never now.

For example, one was about Florence's plan to commit suicide to get into God's kingdom. It was strange stuff for a sitcom. I never watched the show growing up, but still always knew the catchy theme song, but am getting lots of viewing time in lately. It seems I am watching episodes from the first two seasons as Zara Cully, who plays Mother Jefferson died in 1978 and was written out by the third series.

It's good old classic sitcom gold with an unbelievably charming cast and some genuinely funny lines. It lasted for a remarkable eleven seasons. It is making me curious about the other All in the Family spin off, Maude, with Bea Arthur.

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Posted on May 12, 2008

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