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Cleopatra Jones

I’ve been intending to watch Cleopatra Jones forever, just to see actress Tamara Dobson, (who passed away 2006) in action. The film is largely unwatchable but my God, this woman is powerfully gorgeous and stylish.

From fur hooded coats to rainbow brimmed hats, from turban and kaftans to silver tunics and Afros, she commands the screen from the tip of the feather in her hat to her toes.

At 6′ 2″, Dobson wasn’t just a Baltimore-raised queen of Blaxploitation, but a model who graced the pages of Vogue Magazine, a rare feat, sadly even today for an African American woman.

Despite a huge fan base, Dobson never resurrected her career after decades away from the limelight. Still, her work has inspired generations and her beauty and grace will never be forgotten.

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Posted on January 5, 2009

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