Web Sites »NY Best Parking

Save You Money

We don’t drive into the city too, too often but when we do, this little nifty site, Best Parking has saved us a ton. Some parking lots end up costing a small fortune while others right next door are half the price or even less! Without this tool, I’d never know and have gotten smacked upside the head with a $40 price tag once – which was one time too many – to not use this site.

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Posted on March 7, 2010

Web Sites »Tickets & Music

Tickets and MusicScouring the web for music tix

When it comes to purchasing tickets to live music events, sometimes StubHub and TicketMaster are your only options – but just as frequently someone’s trying to dump tickets through Craigslist and using a whole different rate structure. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop resource (that defaults to a home page showcasing immediately upcoming shows in your geographic area) that automatically returned all the available ticket options?

Enter Tickets & Music (the brainchild of our friend Marcus), an incredibly useful site that does exactly that.

A couple of days after Halloween, I was thrilled to discover that the one and only Blues Traveler was playing locally – but I was (understandably) stunned by the prices TicketMaster was charging. I checked T&M and discovered that some dude was getting rid of tickets through Craigslist for just $12! Armed with that kind of bargain basement price info, I quickly got in touch with Fred, who had worn a Blues-Traveler-themed costume just days earlier.

Of course, he firmly rebuked me for even suggesting that he’d want to attend such and event but, thanks to T&M, I was able to get the conversation going. Just wait until the Spin Doctors come to town!

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Posted on December 6, 2009

Web Sites »L’Officiel Archives

lofficiel archivesFashion Through the Ages

Such a great find for those of us who delight in vintage magazines and fashion images. The L’Officiel archives are extensive (way to go, team of interns that I assume was in charge of this task), dating all the way back to the 1920’s.

Their other publications are also represented (nice to see Milla in the early nineties, Redford in his finest days). Set aside a few hours for this one.

Click here for the rest of L’Officiel Archives

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Posted on November 22, 2009

Web Sites »Historic Food

historic food websiteHistorical Food is a grand site for glimpses into the culinary traditions of the past. Ivan is the foremost authority on historical food and runs a working museum used as a teaching aid in his courses. Located in a seventeenth century farm in England, classes teach people how to create unforgettable feasts using old techniques and equipment.

Among the classes are: Late Medieval English Cookery, Italian Renaissance Cookery, Jelly and Moulded Foods and Period Sugarwork and Confectionery. For those of us unlikely able to attend one of these, the site is full of enticing, gorgeous photographs to fawn over.

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Posted on September 14, 2009

Laughs »Imaginative Sex

I'm not left speechless often, but our friend Jessica posted this mind blowing book over at Rotating Corpse, and I have almost no words. I'll let Jessica explain:

“Imaginative Sex with 53 detailed scenarios for sensual fantasies and a revolutionary new guide to male-female relations by John Norman is truly phenomenal. The cover initially grabbed me (enough so that I purchased additional books in the Gor Series, click here for a wonderfully illustrated example of The I-Am-Raped-by-a-Monster Fantasy)?but it was, as Wikipedia says it best, the “male-dominant heterosexual BDSM-type sexual fantasy scenarios, and suggested guidelines as to how a couple can act them out in order to improve their sex life” that really made this a fantastic read. The unimaginative chapter titles give you sense enough of the repetitive, sexist themes. In the rare fantasies that women are given a role of power they are quickly beaten over the head, wrapped in a carpet, raped and/or sold as a slave. I am currently role playing The I-Am-Raped-By-A-Blogger fantasy.” ?

Here's her post in its entirety

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Posted on August 24, 2009

Books »The Cocktails of the Ritz Paris

the cocktails of the ritz paris The Cocktails of the Ritz Paris by Colin Peter Field is an excellent guide to cocktail making, history and stories of the famous Bar Hemingway, where several now famous and common concoctions were invented. the book was a gift by my similarly cocktail appreciative dad, who would not be too impressed that I failed to splurge on a thirty dollar cocktail there on my visit for work.

Still, maybe I can now attempt to make my own for far less money. This is a book for the time in your life when simple or store bought just won't cut it (there is an age when Bacardi mixers should no longer be in your freezer). It's for get togethers where you want to take the effort and time and care to perfect the balance of ingredients and impress friends and even yourself with sophisticated beverages.

Among the many classics here (manhattan, dry martini, margarita to name a few) there are plenty of fun, less familiar ones including The Fiesta – a shot of cointreau, grenadine, vodka and campari – yum! and the potent sounding Whiz-bang (bitters, grenadine, absinthe, vermouth, whiskey) and the savory Dakota (vodka, carrot juice, beef consomme, salt, pepper, Tabasco, worcestershire) that all sound like contenders for my next get together.

The amounts are universal – instead of using oz he gives ingredients in parts, so anyone can make them by eye. The whimsical illustrations by Yoko Ueta are charming.

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Posted on June 8, 2009

Web Sites »Things We Love

things we love at kate spadeI love the Things We Love at Kate Spade. Beautifully designed with lots of great links to people like Francoise Hardy, Charley Harper, Maira Kalman, great products like Lomo and Laduree, and great sites like Nieves and Fffound. It's a gateway to hours of inspiring browsing.

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Posted on June 1, 2009

Web Sites »Baby Name Wizard’s Name Voyager

Baby Name Wizard's Name Voyager A fun, but addictive, use of your time.

Try it now!

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Posted on January 30, 2006

Spend a Couple Minutes »Learning to Tie a Tie

Learning to Tie a Tie This is a vital skill that everyone should pick up along the way eventually. Including my husband.

Here's how

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Posted on January 30, 2006

Web Sites »My Food Diary

My Food Diary I lost ten pounds with the help of this web site. This year I might actually succeed in one of my resolutions.


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Posted on December 26, 2005

Web Sites »Wikipedia

Wikipedia A free, huge open resource of information which anyone can update and add to. The site is raising a lot of questions about the internet, media, reliability, and free speech. Including this one and this one.


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Posted on December 18, 2005

Web Sites »Thottbot: WoW Database

Thottbot: WoW Database The other day I just could not find the location of this specialized leather working trainer (Peter Galen,the dragonscale leather working trainer). I knew he was in Azshara, but I didn't have the time to fool around looking for this guy in some very dangerous territory. That's where Thottbot comes in. It's not cheating, it's more like a tool to help you maximize the amount of quality time you put into playing WOW.


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Posted on December 5, 2005

Web Sites »AV Geeks

A/V Geeks A nice guy named Skip has over 18,000 educational movies for your viewing pleasure.
Look out for his tours coming to town. Or buy some for gifts.
Ro-Revus Talks About Worms and ABC of Sex Education for Trainables are some highlights.


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Posted on November 28, 2005