Laughs »Successful Business

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This is what successful business looks like.

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Posted on June 6, 2012

Style Icons: Male »Arthur Lasenby Liberty

Art Nouveau Merchant

In light of the overwhelming adorableness of the Liberty Target collaboration, it’s time to honor the exquisitely Britishly named Arthur Lasenby Liberty, the man who started the house built on fabulous art nouveau prints. Over the past decades, the label has evolved and looks as new and fresh as even while still retaining its distinct style (not an easy feat for any company, especially one associated weathering changing fashions).

Sadly, I was not able to fit in a visit to the lovely tudor style shop in London when I was there, but passing by the black and white facade made my toes curls with delight. Guess it’s just an excuse to visit London again some day. In the meantime, go to your nearest Target!

Click here for the rest of Arthur Lasenby Liberty

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Posted on March 14, 2010

Style Icons: Male »Glen Bell

R.I.P. Taco Titan

To the disgust of most of my high falootin’ friends, I was front and center for the grand reopening of the local Taco Bell/KFC – not for the buckets of greasy chicken but for the sweet, sweet processed faux Mexican that has peppered my life with flavor ever since I was a kid learning bad eating habits. The founder of Taco Bell, businessman Glen Bell, recently passed away the age of 86. According to his Time obituary he lived quite an adventurous life “riding the rails” and such before he opened his first taco stand in San Bernardino. Say what you will about fast food, and I might agree with you even on some finer points, but I’d still like to honor the man that made the burrito supreme happen. Rest in peace, Taco Titan.

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Posted on January 24, 2010

Laughs »Your Business Card is Crap!

your business card is crap

business card american psycho paul allen

He Brings Crowds

I hope that if I ever spend twenty five years creating something that it is at least in the ball park of this man’s business card. This almost seems too crazy to be real, but I believe it’s legit and for obvious reasons it should be viewed in concert with Patrick Bateman’s inner ruminations on the subtleties of the perfect business card.

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Posted on January 17, 2010

Style Icons: Male »Christian Audigier (Worst Style Icon Male)

This is almost too easy. The douche bag empire built upon the 'heritage' of the real Don Ed Hardy (a famous tattoo artist who is not, as one would have to assume, dead – which must make his daily episodes grave-rolling a bit spooky to witness) has become, in the wrinkly, orange and predatory claws of French grossy Christian Audigier a tacky, garish and omnipresent style nightmare… They've even come out with an expansive array of Ed Hardy beverages, including (but not limited to) a vodka (see the banner hanging outside our neighborhood's brightest spot, Club Europa) and a “celebrity” energy drink.

Be sure to watch this Ed Hardy boys video for more laughs at the brand's expense.

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Posted on November 9, 2009

Style Icons: Female »Lynne Russell

All this fuss over little chipmunk Katie Couric is rather ridiculous when the real grand dame of television news is the elegant and often daringly dressed Lynne Russell. I grew up with the woman as a strong and beguiling source for melodious news information and, through the course of my research prepping this entry, have discovered that she's even more fantastic that I thought! From her site:

Yet Lynne's world is more than meets the eye. For years she has successfully balanced her journalism career and motherhood with her other “occupations”: deputy sheriff in Fulton County (Atlanta) Georgia as a jail officer, and licensed private investigator. She holds two black belts in the martial art Choi Kwang Do, and is a certified open water SCUBA diver.

All of this prompted her to write her inspirational first book, How to Win Friends, Kick Ass and Influence People (Dec. 1999, St. Martin's Press). She explores the liberating concepts of each of us appreciating and utilizing our own abilities and talents, peaceful coexistence with the opposite gender, and the celebration of “la difference!” Actor/comedian Richard Belzer says, “If Xena, warrior princess could tell her story, this would be her book.” The New York Times review quipped she's “a news anchor with the personality of a professional wrestler.”

If you weren't in love with her during the CNN years, I defy you to resist her now. She also makes beaded lampshades, has a line of makeup consisting of just one shade of red lipstick (which I'm about to purchase) and blush. Love!!!

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Posted on October 5, 2009

Style Icons: Male »Bill Gates

bill gates fashionNot only has Bill Gates genius made a new nerd world order, it would seem from these decades old photos (found on Gizmodo) that he's stood for a solid geek chic heavily reliant on good old sweaters.

While I am no fan nor even dabbler in the world of Microsoft, I can appreciate a man who spends his fortunes to help others, and knows how to layer for a mug shot.

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Posted on August 31, 2009

Hunks »Rick Rubin

rick rubinLooks like Hagar the Adorable, right?

Sure, Rick Rubin is respected among men that love expensive sneakers for his highly influential role as a record producer (he added Aerosmith to Run DMC to create awesome and was the Beastie Boys' original DJ among many, many other things) but I just think he's a kind of bestial cutie.

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Posted on May 18, 2009

Style Icons: Female »Martha Stewart

Queen of Taste

Just look at Martha hawling that greenery back to her homestead with sheer rosy cheek willpower and been to jail business magnate grit. Say what you will about the woman, but I love her. I think she got too much for her crime for being a successful (and some say unlikably ballsy) lady. I’ve heard first hand accounts that make her sound both unintentionally hideous and surprisingly witty, funny, and actually human.

I was never the hugest fan of her show, and found the MST3K type interpretation of it, Whatever Martha, to be disappointingly annoying as it could have been ingenous in the hands of better and funnier people. I have been an on and off again subscriber to her magazines though and there is really no denying her impact on the art of asthetics in the past few decades.

I think she ushered in the whole craft movement, even if it was sometimes in reaction to her. In general the idea of persuing good taste and making our surrounding pleasing has now become at least seemingly at everyone’s fingertips with her holiday decorating ideas and recipes.

She’s also tons of fun to read on her own blog, which she really actually seems to write herself.

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Posted on December 22, 2008