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bisquick supreme melt in your mouth pancakesOne of the downsides of my neighborhood is that almost nothing is up as early as me on Sunday morning. When I wake up with a craving for pancakes and want to try a delicious sounding recipe from Serious Eats at seven in the morning, I pretty much have to wait until the normal people roll out of bed closer to ten to get the ingredients from the grocery store. Well, this past Sunday I was not willing to wait and I opted instead to see what Bisquick had to offer using ingredients I already had.

There are two “melt in your mouth” pancake versions that differ from the traditional. I tried the “supreme” which includes sugar, baking powder, and vanilla. The result is a lighter and sweeter pancake that took maple syrup well and didn't leave me with a rock in my tummy, despite the fact that I made a hulking stack of them just for the two of us.

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Posted on April 27, 2009

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