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stylebubbleIt's quite odd that I've failed to recommend Style Bubble before, as it is (time permitting) one of the blogs on fashion that I tend to visit near daily. With an emphasis on avant garde stylings (often on herself ), undiscovered designers (this week features the layered technicolor meets 1930s creations of Tim Ryan and the strappy goth looks of Lotta Volkova) and updates on local (UK) stores, Style Bubble is as informative as it is inspiring.

Susie, a editor for the Dazed and Confused website, but more famous now for her influential blog, sometimes reveals her pains and insecurities, (particularly about mean spirited comments which makes for awkward reading) but also stands as a beacon of originality, a girl who dresses for herself and enjoys it.

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Posted on May 18, 2009

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