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stand by meNot a single movie could suit the closing of summer better than this heartfelt coming of age story that never becomes cloying or sugary due to its source material: a Stephen King short story about a group of friends that hike into the woods to find a dead body.

I've seen Stand by Me a million times and always cried when River Phoenix faded away (as a hero in a bar brawl no less). Phoenix and all the young stars are great including a baby faced Corey Feldman who was my biggest crush in preteen years thanks to his performances in this movie, Goonies, and Lost Boys.

This movie is a classic that is both poignant and comforting. I have to mention the soundtrack too–it was a big deal in my life. Another big deal: this movie is where I first heard the brilliant phrase “Shit house rat”.

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Posted on September 11, 2006

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