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chromeo she's in controlI was trolling around my office's ITunes libraries and within the sea of indie whining that I am too ____ (fill in the blank depending on your sentiments) to appreciate, I stumbled across something catchy and energizing called Chromeo, the album: She's in Control.

The band, who can add it's name to the list of people (Marcel Dzama, Kids in the Hall, Guy Maddin, Snake and Wheels..) making Canada seem like a very cool place indeed, have an obvious love of the past few decades. They seem to have taken the fun, appealing, and somewhat goofy aspects of the 70s (major Zapp and Gap Band influences), 80s (Destination Overdrive has a distinctly “Eye of the Tiger” feel) and 90s (you might at times feel like you could be at home with Manic Panic pig tailed ravers) and melding them together with gloriously retro cover art to complete the package (these guys know how to appreciate a great pair of greased up, nameless model legs).

If a new Beverly Hills Cop type buddy cop comedy were to be made (I'm thinking along the lines of Demetri Martin and Tim Meadows not Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah) Chromeo would be an obvious first choice to do the soundtrack. To pay the bills in the meantime, their shilling for Heineken, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Micky D's instead. But don't let that commercialism or the fact that they're on Vice's record label deter you (if you're either a socialist or a hipster hater). Just have fun with it, because that's exactly what this album is for.

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Posted on February 2, 2009

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