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seven fallsSeven Falls is a natural attraction very close to my childhood home. For a stint, my brother's friend's dad ran it and lived among the splendid scenery in a quaint home with his family where a memorable Christmas party took place where an unnamed lady hit on all the local dads.

But I digress. Seven Falls, which does indeed consist of seven falls is a family fun spot?Provided your family is in shape because part of the fun are steep staircases up the mountain that will leave you winded for sure, add in the elevation and it's a feat that makes you pretty proud to survive without keeling over.

The view is worth the effort (and there is an elevator in parts of it) and it's a wonderful spot to appreciate nature at its most enchanting. Colored lights during the Holidays enhance the site for those that like a little man made glitz with their natural awe.

Make sure to stop by the gift shop for all your very Colorado needs like hot sauce that claims to kick your ass, silver native American jewelry, and of course mugs.

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Posted on December 10, 2007

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