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While my friend's attempt to keep her beau's birthday cake celebration a surprise was foiled – the cake itself -?was a rousing success. From Scialo Brothers in Providence, an Italian bakery that has sat on Atwell's Ave since 1916 (!), the cake was huge, chocolaty, and rich.

There is an online shop where you can get cakes, cookies and biscotti delivered, but you'd be missing out on the beautiful fine looking counter girls we were told about that work there.

Here's what my friend had to say:
“They make cakes, pies, bread, and all sorts of Italian cookies and pastries. I particularly like their soft dinner rolls, pignoli cookies, and apricot & almond paste tart. I also LOVE that the place is mostly staffed by young, girl-next-door types who are very cute.”

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Posted on August 3, 2009

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