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As I write this, I’ve yet to watch the series finale of Lost but I am already a bit sad to realize it’ll be the last I’ll be seeing of Sawyer. The handsome guy is rarely my favorite character in anything – I prefer quirkier heroes, but Josh Holloway’s Southern grifter has defied my tradition. While, let’s face it, the actor looks like he would be equally well cast in the latest crappy CW drama about models (maybe a Models, Inc reboot anyone?), Holloway has become the show’s most complex and consistently beloved characters: he is the best comic relief (no small feat with a kind hearted nerdy jolly fat man on staff), a believably redeemed schemer, and a sexified romantic lead rolled into one Steinbeck-reading, cage sex making rogue. I’ll miss you hoss.

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Posted on May 23, 2010

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