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sally kirklandNo one really knows why the ostentatious strangeness that is Sally Kirkland and her ever changing whirlwind of bizarre red carpet fashion is famous. Well, I do (it's a single movie called Anna and wealthy parents and the dubious distinction of being the first nude performer on the legitimate theater). Still, that doesn't seem enough does it to warrant an almost never ending extended invitation to any red carpet event?

Except, maybe the lords of invitation giving feel the same way I do about big breezy blonds that are clearly kind of crazy – I love them! Just look at her life as the rich and famous where she explains the half of her that isn't a fame seeking monster, the half that enjoys basking in the glory of unearned money with a fire roaring and creating?Nagel inspired marker art (she calls it “paint”). Continue watching and she leaps into a “pizazz”-y sequin, leather, and batik fashion show before explaining her nervous break down in the sixties and teaching kids to act.

She's appeared on Go Fug Yourself, but not as often as one would think. I believe even they have an appreciation for her lunacy. And besides she spends lots of her time as a health activist and was the god daughter of one of my all time loudmouth dames and talents, Shelley Winters, which gives her points in my book.

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Posted on March 30, 2009

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