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rosemary vodka lemonade with blackberriesMy recent summer drinks party brought out some breezy refreshing cocktails from my gracious friends. You heard about the Blood Orange Campari Spritzers that made Shaun smile all night, and this week I bring you the crisp and mellow Rosemary Lemonade Vodka Fizz that Astrid and Marcus provided.

This is a true summer drink that's just custom made for long hours on porch swings. It can be made virgin too, but ours was amped up with extra vodka (which you couldn't even taste – hello drunk time!).

This recipe, which was originally printed in Gourmet, has been a huge hit among the food blog community. The Bitten Word, Mac and Cheese Review, Dishing Up Delights, Food Photo Blog, and now yours truly are all fans.

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Posted on June 8, 2009

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