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roganRogan Gregory is at the forefront of creating a green culture in industry. He's a champion of eco and cultural ethical production. His line, Loomstate is made from entirely organic cotton and Edun, a line he coordinated with Bono, brings trade to the developing regions of Africa:

“I could go to China tomorrow and have some samples in a month which are all perfect. That's the reality, but we haven't chosen that path, we've chosen a much more complicated sourcing base. We are pushing though, wherever we go, to create sustainability. To be loyal to the factories we're in and to help them to get to a point where they're benefiting as we are.'

More affordably, Rogan did a line for Target that again used organic and environmentally sensitive materials and he'll be doing it again this week when Loomstate for Target launches.

His is exactly the kind of forward thinking mind in business and the arts that can spark movements for larger change.

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Posted on April 20, 2009

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