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roasted bone marrowI was stuck watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here for about 10 minutes the other night when my parents were in town, just enough time to almost figure out who the “celebrities” are and see them flip out over eating weird gross stuff. It made me realize there's a fine line between what I consider a delicacy and something that will make Stephen Baldwin hurl.

Bone Marrow, which in theory could be a reality show challenge (at least to the western world – the rest of the world has a better appreciation for eating every part possible of animals and even – I once saw a photo of it served in Hungarian McDonalds) has been the hottest thing to hit trendy restaurants since salty desserts, and since I've yet to spend money on such a dinner (though Allen and Delancey is still on my long list) I decided to make it myself with help from my trusty and beloved butcher at Marlow and Daughters.

He told me to roast for 8 minutes, with a dab of olive oil and salt and pepper on top. Like a weirdo though, I made it that way, ate and enjoyed most of it (sooo rich and beefy!) but then got paranoid that it didn't look like the photos I'd seen online and put it in for more time. It ended up totally melting, making the last quarter useless… I will never doubt my meat dude again.

They have the bones pretty often, but if you're counting on making a special meal, call ahead of time just make sure they're in stock.

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Posted on June 8, 2009

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