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porchetta nycPorchetta has been at the top of my list since it topped all the big end of the year restaurant round ups, but the place is super tiny and with little chance of grabbing a seat and the weather being as crummy as it has been, we've yet to make the visit until just this week. The titular and most popular dish is, of course, porchetta, an Italian culinary tradition of roasted pork with crispy skin, lots of herbs and spices then slow cooked. There are sides too, but we just stuck to the?main attraction.

It's out of this world yummy. Don't bother to spoil the layered textures and moist juices with any extraneous toppings – this is one sandwich meant to stand on its own sans condiments. The sandwich is smaller than I expected, which is probably a good thing as far as my calorie intake?goes, and it was plenty filling. It's served on a ciabatta roll that holds up to the intense innards without overpowering it (I hate to bite into and sandwich and get all bread) but you can also order the pork as a platter without bread, but I can imagine it's quite difficult to take away.

The place is crowded but the line moves pretty fast; it's bound to become a classic East Village destination and I can't imagine that between the overwhelmingly positive word of mouth and the amazing food that it will be going away anytime soon. Still, I'd stop by sooner than later – heavy cracklins and pork sandwiches tend to suit the slightly cooler days of early Spring more than the dead of Summer.

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Posted on April 13, 2009

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