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npr planet moneyLast week I told you all about the enlightening This American Life episode The Giant Pool of Money. I though it was insightful, humorous, and invaluable in that it made me feel a bit more aware of what was really going on and why in this scary economic crisis.

It's made Jim and I into minor league arm chair economy nuts. I know, us(??!), more specifically, me (???!) – having long conversations about mortgages, hedge funds, etc.. it's a new world and there is no one else to guide you too through it than Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson.

Almost daily they have updated pod casts called Planet Money (easier to find and navigate the downloads through itunes rather than the NPR site). I've begun listening to these brief segments often and it just goes to show that any subject can be interesting with the right teacher – and can any of us afford to remain completely in the dark now?

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Posted on February 2, 2009

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