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Night of 1000 Stevies Even though I will be unable to attend this year's NOTS, I still highly recommend the experience. Last year Jim came as Lindsey Buckingham (be still be heart) and I dressed as a young Nicks – which made me definitely in the minority. The Fleetwood Mac Stevie is not the favorite of drag queens, they prefer solo, crushed black velvet and top hats era.

Last year my favorite performer looked like a really bloated Sammy Hagar and totally stormed on stage. We missed Debbie Harry's appearance – but I heard she just gyrated with a stuffed animal for a minute or two and took off. Who knows what special guests will grace NOTS this year.

Rumour has it that Stevie herself is always there but is camouflaged by look-alikes. Make sure to bring your tambourine and baby's breath.

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Posted on May 15, 2006

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