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newtown creek parkGreenpoint's Newtown Creek Nature Park is a hard park to love. The entrance walkway, if you can manage to find it down eerie industrial streets with only the aid of a huge rock to point you the way, gives one a sense of what it might be like to walk towards your own execution. It offers glimpses of the huge sewage plant that it surrounds and dying rusted out bulldozers with metal for windows.

Once you get to the water front, strange text greets you carved in stone. I don't know what “O Jik Ha Da Ge Ga” means but with the fog and the spacey shit tits in the distance it felt like it was some ancient outer space druidic ritual text. It's the kind of place that, at least on a dreary gray day, makes any signs that “others” have been there creepy. Maybe it was the fact that who ever was there before us had left (again) alien looking swirls in the sand and had blown up a bird (sorry, I took no photos of that). The park designers dangerously decided to make most of the marble go straight into the polluted water with no railings or barriers. I believe it could have been designed for the purpose of easy body disposal.

Still, it's our park or as it claims “nature walk” and neighborhood pride is a funny thing so we love it. Like a bold attempt in Sim City to clean up a major industrial part with one square of park, the city's made me a little less unhappy about the huge and smelly sewage plant.

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Posted on March 30, 2009

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