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mike nelsonThe feud between Mike Nelson and Joel Hodgson is a fearsome one, even if no one is up for talking about it much, so I'm being very careful this week to dispense praise equally. But, forgive me, just like the long haired, bratty girl you knew in 6th in grade, I'm going straight past the sleepy eyed, soft spoken quiet boy who was always “a good friend”, right for the handsomer, more sarcastic dude to pin my crush on.

Maybe it's because we're first introduced to Mike on screen in one of MST3K's best episodes (Mitchell), or maybe it's because he made a fine moaning Morrissey in the City Limits episode. Or maybe it's the dimples, or the way he always digs a little deeper and a little meaner. It could also be his great book, Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese, which had my dad and I laughing out loud. Whatever the reason, he's irresistible in an unthreatening kind of way; like a delivery man you think's kind of cute, or an IT guy with a great smile and wry sense of humor (by the way, neither of these archetypes are references to anyone I've actually met – or even know to exist).

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Posted on March 16, 2009

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