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bronx zoo monarch butterfly pavilionThe Bronx Zoo is such a massive place, constantly offering new special exhibits, that no two trips are the same. We went a few years ago on a mellow, chilly late fall day and my recent trip in the dead heat of Summer was completely different.

One of the first places we went where I had never been was The Butterfly Pavilion. I shouldn't have been so surprised but I was astonished by the number of bright, beautiful butterflies there were circling our heads and floating through the flowers. It was a well worth while excursion that was giggle inducing.

We also saw the new much hyped Madagascar exhibit that featured Lemurs of all sorts, huge crocodiles, hissing cockroaches, and more.

Other animals that I had missed on the last trip and was thrilled to see were these bright colored jungle birds, the regal looking baboons, and this wild looking owl like bird. Also new: an odd theme park like installation for kids where they finally get to experience every kid's dream: sitting on a poacher's truck.

While it is certainly crowded in the Summer time, and lines can get long for entrance and certain exhibits (we opted out of the dreary looking one for Gorilla Mountain), it's also nice to see so many people out and about fawning over cute monkeys and enjoying the park with their kids (who had a lot of good fashion on – I snapped some photos of those too).

Well, up to a point at least. Three and a half hours of the public is about my limit.

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Posted on July 14, 2008

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