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lawnmower manNow, I realize this may come as a surprise. Not that I count on anyone really defending this techno-virtual-reality stinker, but can Lawnmower Man really be the worst movie? The answer is yes.

I remember watching this on video at a sleep over at my friend Dana's. So excruciating was the experience of bad CGI stiff body flying and Jeff Fahey playing a retard that we stopped in the middle to brace ourselves to finish it in the morning.

I still remember the pain, although to be fair to the film which is “notable mainly for the fact that Stephen King sued over the use of his name” (yes, that's correct, even Stephen King–the man who is always ready to give Steven Weber a second, third and forth chance, who hated Kubrick's version of the Shining then basically raped and plundered his own legacy by producing the worst adaptation ever–even he was not on board with this one).

I do not remember most of the movie itself, just the sickness it left behind. Please note that I did not subject myself to the sequel “Lawnmower Man 2 : Jobe's War“. In this one, thankfully (perhaps) Fahey is replaced with Matt Frewer (aka Max Headroom) and has no arms and legs. Again, who can say if this is for the better. It seems from Amazon member reactions that the sequel may actually be the worse of the two movies, but I simply can not go through it.

I have seen (other close contenders for the category): Doom Generation, Spawn (in the theater no less) AND Little Black Book in its stupid entirety, so please have mercy.

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Posted on November 13, 2006

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