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Joseph Gordon Levitt, or “Jiggles” if you want to get cute with his initials (and who wouldn’t) has become a surprisingly dignified star from his beginnings in 90’s sitcom to his current status as indie darling. He is adorable but with a tailored manliness that the great suits he always seems to be costumed in can’t take all the credit for. I find him quite irresistibly charming and he seems to be the very rarest of actors: un-douchey. Though, it seems like every time I find myself applauding someone, they end up involved in some sleazy hi-jinx (it didn’t tale long for Shia LeBouf to get drunk at a Walgreens, and just the other day, I was saying that I liked Casey Affleck and …).

PS My brother in law shot the photo below.

Humble beginnings.

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Posted on August 8, 2010

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