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my son is gayNew York City is home to a sea of comedians, each aching for recognition, attending tons of improve and comedy classes. It's hard out there for a funnyman. But now adays, Youtube can be a talented person's best friend, and in this case, John Roberts has become widely known for his short films and endearing characters.

I am partial to his winsome impersonations of his mother that are hilarious and very sweet. In one video she finds out her son is gay and in another she is enjoying all aspects of getting a Christmas tree.

Other favorite character, Debra, an adolescent drama queen who is constantly feuding with bff Jackie, has gained a cult following among real high pitched teenage girls who do their own impersonations of the character on youtube in homage.

Roberts was featured in Time Out, where I first heard of him and performs around town. I couldn't find any upcoming shows for his solo act or the comedy troupe The Dregs, of which he belongs to, but do plan on seeing him when he's back on stage.

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Posted on November 26, 2007

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