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imanA true icon of fashion, the statuesque Iman is the keeper of David Bowie's heart and muse to none other than the late, great Yves Saint Laurent, who referred to her his “dream woman” and used her in some stunning campaigns in the 80s.

Sure, she's quit the biz only to come back to plug products on reality shows (really Iman, you're cool shilling your wares on ANTM?) but she mostly works as a cosmetics mogul, a humanitarian and a devoted wife.?The two superstars have (at least, in the picture they paint in this interview) a dreamy love-of-their-lifetimes relationship where?she bakes him shepherd's pie and, “They even celebrate the 14th of every month, the anniversary of their first date.” Awwww.

She's also blessed with a healthy dose of ego-mania, having written a book about (you guessed it) Iman, but she's never thrown a phone at anyone and she's doing good in the world and, for all the nerds, she's even graced the Star Trek universe with her unearthly beauty.

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Posted on April 6, 2009

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