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It’s worth walking twenty minutes in the stagnant heat, dripping in sweat to get a Handsome Dan’s home made sno-cone just to cool yourself off from said walk.

The place has excited me ever since I saw the sign which included the flavor “Earl Grey Cream”, an ice cream delight introduced to me by Van Leeuwen a few years back. It’s delicious and lighter than regular ice cream.

The space, which I believe was once a boutique beer spot, is a gleaming white mecca for classic candy lovers and I’ll admit, I had no self restraint. I saw jawbreakers and that was it – I was cramming stuff into a mason jar before I even read that it cost, like twelve dollars.

It’s pricey, but jawbreakers and runts are hard to come by and honestly, at this exact moment in my life, where I am denied so, so many things – booze, eggs sunny side up and salami to just name a few, where I’m so sore that even turning in my bed aches, but if I don’t the leg on the bottom will start to hurt – at this point in my life, if I want to shove as much candy as I want into a twelve dollar jar and then my face, then I am going to do that.

Handsome Dan is super nice too, so I’m happy to help him stay in business.

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Posted on July 3, 2012

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