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gardner mckayGardner McKay spent his life turning heads. He is so gosh darn good looking that people could offer him a key to stardom after just one glance. That's exactly how he became one of televisions first heart throbs. That would have been Dominick Dunne that did the spotting that ended in McKay's most famous role in Adventures in Paradise, but before then Richard Avedon also spotted him and asked the then photographer to model in a series of Suzy Parker photos.

It was from one of those photos that his jawbone caught my attention (see more about the ICP show here), and I jut couldn't understand how a once world famous man like that could be so unknown today.

Ends up that the life of a star just didn't sit well with him. Unable to be kept in a cage, he left the business as suddenly as he had skyrocketed to the top of it and continued on as a sculptor, writer and real life adventurer. Amazing. I didn't know any celebrities actually retire when they threaten to (Joaquin, Gwyneth, JayZ, and on and on and on).

Just another way McKay was different than most men (the other way being, of course his incredible handsomeness).

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Posted on June 1, 2009

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