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frangelicoFace it, you've always wanted to drink a snickers bar even if you've never thought of it before. My friend Marcus who is always the most reliable experimenter in cocktails at parties (sorry Mike) introduced us all to the magic of Frangelico and coke – or as I have come to call it Frangelicoke. It's also, at least online referred to as a Monk on Coke, not for the neurotic detective audiences fell in and out of love with on USA, but for the monk shape of the Frangelico bottle that more closely resembles Mrs Butterworth.

As I mentioned, the beverage is a nice sweet concoction that will definitely have you thinking of candy bars, but perhaps the greatest thing about it is that you now have an easy recipe for a great drink that can use up that huge bottle of Frangelico that's been collecting dust on your shelf.

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Posted on March 9, 2009

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