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love forever changesThis is one of the most intriguing albums I've gotten attached to. It seems to have been inexplicably overlooked upon its release despite the full admiration of the ultra cool Jim Morrison. You'll never hear Forever Changes on the oldies stations and, until recently, it barely got mentioned as a part of the psychedelic movement and music of the late 1960s. The past decades, and particularly over the last few years, I feel like our generation has rediscovered Love and this impeccable, varied, exciting album and it's finally gotten the respect and adoration it missed the first time around.

In that way, Forever Changes is singular in being an album so indicative and of its time but more popular than ever over 40 years later. The music here is genius, from the melodic soundscapes that sound like no one else to the high/low brow lyrics of Arthur Lee (who also produced, sang and played guitar). I love Bummer in the Summer, but, seriously, the whole album is as golden as the sunshine it seems to radiate.

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Posted on July 30, 2007

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