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Queen of Country

Emmylou Harris was the long haired beauty who’s angelic voice grounded the troubled twang of Graham Parsons. She later reinvented herself, or rather let herself naturally evolve into a silver haired embodiment of classic country music.

Her album Roses in the Snow is not only one of her greatest albums, but a testament to the simple dignity and touching emotions that country music can evoke before it got all tarted out and started to sound suspiciously like bland pop music.

I am not as familiar with her later work, but she continues to garner respect for an uncompromising career and is playing at Town Hall June 18th.

She’s also as lovely as a doll and used to wear the greatest hippie pretty lady dresses. Her smile is bright, her voice is perfection, her cheekbones are indescribable, and I love her silver mane as much as I loved her black silken locks of old.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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