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duran duranDuran Duran was the boy band of hunks for those cool older girls when I was in elementary school. They were lucky to have these pretty British boys in the pages of their Teen Beats, as airbrushed to look like plastic dolls as they were. All we got were lots of Kirk Cameron and some Wil Wheaton.

Totally aware of their stud status for teenage girls, John Taylor described his band as “like a box of Quality Street [chocolates]; everyone is someone's favourite”. Taylor and Nick Rhodes would be my favorite. I never chose lead?singers to fall for, too predictable and as a young lady tween I wanted to be different.

Duran Duran was also always aware of changing styles and kept abreast of the look, whether it was as new romantics in blowing tops or clad in Giorgio Armani on a yacht and MTV was there to capture it all.

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Posted on September 29, 2008

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