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beast in spaceWhile visiting our friends Matthew and Norah, we took advantage of their enormous DVD collection of giallo, exploitation, and otherwise B, C, D, and F grade films. We were introduced to this weeks hunk (Alex Cord in the movie The Dead are Alive), got to know more of this week's female style icon (Caroline Munro in the awful and awfully funny Starcrash), and saw many, many intriguing trailers.

Diabolik DVD is one of the places that provides their collection, and it's where you can buy Beast in Space, which had the best trailer of them all!

From the back of DVD: In 1975, European sex symbol Sirpa Lane shocked the world with her performance as a maiden defiled by a ferociously aroused animal in the erotic classic THE BEAST. Five years later, the beautiful-but-doomed actress would plummet from art house to grind house in this insanely unofficial outer space ?equel' packed with rampant sex, cheesy effects, barnyard passions and yet another graphic ravaging by a hugely-endowed man-beast. Marina Hedman (SATAN'S BABY DOLL) and Venantino Venantini (BLACK EMMANUELLE) co-star in this jaw-dropping intergalactic epic that combines the immortal ?0s Italian genres of sleazy sci-fi and depraved sexual saga, now fully restored from the original film lab negative purchased at a Rome bankruptcy auction.

We are planning on buying this soon, so perhaps you'll be hearing more about it in these pages.

In the meantime, browse Diabolik's exhaustive catalog and find some rare trash for your viewing pleasure.

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Posted on May 19, 2008

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