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dennis wilson beach boysIf your vision of a Beach Boy is clean cut and round faced, take a look at the dashing and daring Dennis Wilson. Take a look at him in the super BORING but highly praised car film Two Lane Blacktop. In it, he and fellow handsome man James Taylor will amaze you with their good looks and their timeless, silent hipsterdom.

Despite the bands strong associations with surfing, he was also the only member who actually surfed. He was obviously the coolest one, but he was kind of always dissed by big brother Brian who would bring in studio musicians to do his drumming on albums, who would shun the bad boy's less than innocent persona that didn't jive with the self proclaimed “bell hop” look.

A “real” Beach Boy – as Brian saw it – smiled a lot, was polite to mothers, and goes off the deep end in a sandbox in his apartment. A “real” Beach Boy did not fight, drink, go streaking in the middle of concerts, yell at lover Christine McVie, and make friends with Charles Manson. But Dennis did all of that and probably a whole lot more.

He was a rebel, and more than a little self destructive, but he was also a kind, giving California hippie at heart who took his crazy passion for life and all the beauty and ugliness that goes with it too far. He accidentally drowned in 1983.

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Posted on August 18, 2008

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