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beyonce crazy in loveWhy do I mention it now?

While there is no official released version yet, Antony Hegarty has performed a blistering, heart breaking version of this dance hit. He wrenches out the sadness hidden behind the lyrics.

Here's what I said back in 6/25/06:

If there is one thing I am not as up on as the rest of the world (well, after the bible and sports) it's the latest in popular music. Blame it on not listening to the radio anymore, but it took me three years to actually hear Crazy in Love in its entirety (thanks to a birthday CD from Mike and Shaun) and learn what young teenage girls aching to be older already knew. Basically that Beyonce Knowles rules and even causes me to almost dance-ish in the car.

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Posted on February 16, 2009

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