Books »Cowboy Kate and Other Stories

by Sam Haskins (1964)

Sam Haskins, a personal favorite, who passed away last year is perhaps best known for his photography book, Cowboy Kate. A playful, sexy book that features gorgeous black and white photographs of gorgeous women plus pre-computer aided montages and effects, Cowboy Kate & Other Stories is a nostalgic picture story about the Hollywood version of the old west with fast draws, great hats, and raucous fun. The “Director’s Cut”, reissued when Haskins was 81 a few years back features new images never before published. While most photos feature the subjects au naturale, (literally natural, and blissfully without over grooming and augmentation), there are still plenty of style tips to take hold of: hats to die for, clean summer eyelet,  great pair of flat front pants, olde timey boots, and innocently sexy see through lingerie.

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Posted on June 20, 2010

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