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courregesThere is a Courreges coffee shop in Paris, but in two short days we weren't able to stop in (another one for next time) but it shows that the spirits of country's master of futuristic fashion is still alive and well in Paris.

To me, Courreges represents a different part of French style than the simple, elegant but easy minimalist tradition: a part that is bold and a little crazy (but still uncluttered); a part that shook the world of fashion to its core in the mid sixties with a vision of the future that still feels ahead of its time.

He may not have actually made the fashions in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but I think it's fair to assume Kubrick was inspired by his space age vision.

The label still exists but here is the tragic story (according to FashionSpot):

“In 1985 Courreges had to sell control of his fashion house to the Japanese ready-to-wear firm , ITOKAN who agreed to support the loss-making couture side of the business. The money continued to flow down the drain. In 1985 the couture side of Courreges' business was closed, with virtually no consultation. Courreges was aghast and went on strike to gain public sympathy. This he achieved in a way that could only happen in Paris where even today, couture is considered the single truly artistic form of dressmaking. Everybody, including the French government which thought that ITOKAN had given a promise to maintain Courreges' couture, was shocked – but powerless because Courreges had signed away control to the Japanese firm .

Courreges later died of cancer ( and indeed a broken heart ) and his wife continued with the house for a time , only to be sacked by ITOKAN when business did not pick up .

That's why you see items labeled ' COURREGES ' in the Far-East , but seldom in Europe or the USA.”

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Posted on March 2, 2009

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